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Data library

This data library has been put together to facilitate your consultation of the data, figures and sources that have been used in the compilation of the 2002 Annual report.

Statistical tables

The statistical tables are compiled from information provided by the Member States. They are updated annually and form the basis of much of the analysis in the report. The tables also provide details on data sources.

OL figures and OL tables

The OL figures and OL tables are only available in the online version of the report. They provide additional detail on issues covered in the main body of the report.

Figures and tables — printed version

A list of all the figures and tables that appear in the printed version of the report is provided here for your convenience.

Reitox national reports

Each year the Reitox national focal points provide to the EMCDDA a report on the national drug situation in their respective countries. These reports are an invaluable resource to the EMCDDA, among others, for the compilation of the Annual report.

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